My losing proposal #1 -Sing! Men’s Chorus

The Sing! Men’s Chorus (formerly known as the Singapore Men’s Chorus), or SMC, was formed in 2005 to provide an avenue for those interested in male chorale and present another form of choral music for the public to enjoy.


They wanted to change their identity, so that they held the competition on
The first my impression was : the former logo was not that bad, or rather, it was kind of good.

Former logo

Singing guys, who have music notes as their eyes and mouths, and the musical scores, suggesting “M” of “Men’s”, are good ideas.

So, I tried to simplify and update it.

The first proposal

Since they wanted to use “Red dot”, which represents Singapore”, I simplified the singing guy using red dots.

And the below is my last proposal.

I focused on the face of singing man and used it as “S”.
You can see the “Red dot” from the face also.

Since it has the “DNA” of former logo, the fans of them will not be confused and like it. I thought it was the best way to rebrand and simplify the former logo, while refreshing the feelings.

But unfortunately, they didn’t choose it.
I don’t want to complain, just want to share the LOSING GREAT IDEA.

Identity designer for people makes positive impacts.

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Akihiro Takeuchi

Akihiro Takeuchi

Identity designer for people makes positive impacts.

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