Tour du Logo -The tour of bicycle brands logos

Le Tour du France, the most famous bicycle road race, is being held in France now (honestly, I’m watching it while I’m writing this blog).
And I love also bikes so today I want to go on a tour of cycle brands logos.


Bianchi is the world’s oldest bicycle manufacturing company still in existence, based in Milan, Italy.
Speaking of Bianchi, I should say about the brand color “Celeste”, means “blue sky” in Italian. It’s said that Celeste is the colour of the Milan sky, and the painters look at the sky then make the color, so that the color changes a little every year.
And it’s also said that Celeste is the eye colour of a former queen of Italy for whom Edoardo Bianchi, the founder of Bianchi, made a bicycle. The crowned eagle of the logo is an adaptation of the former royal crest.


COLNAGO is a manufacturer of high-end road-racing bicycles founded by Ernesto Colnago near Milano in Cambiago, Italy.
The clover logo has been used since Michele Dancelli, an Italian road-racing cyclist, won 1970 Milan-San Remo.

©way of the bicycle

DE ROSA is a family brand of Ugo De Rosa, the founder who has started to build the bicycle frame since he was 12.
The heart mark represents his passion for bicycle.

COLNAGO and DE ROSA have logos from playing card, so I thought there are also brands with spades and diamonds but I couldn’t find.
If you find them, could you tell me, please?

I wanted to show more brands but there’s no ending to do that, so I’ll show you my bikes logo in the end.

Singular Cycles is UK based, the very forefront of development of the niches now known as ‘monstercross’ or ‘gravel’ bikes since 2007.
I like this logo type. It’s futuristic but great match with vintage like steel frame.

Their bikes have names come from birds, my model is “Peregrine”, so that they have badges of each birds on front tube.

To choose bicycle, it is really small aspect to care of logo, but if you’re love in logos like me a identity designer, it might be big, isn’t it?

Identity designer for people makes positive impacts.

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Akihiro Takeuchi

Akihiro Takeuchi

Identity designer for people makes positive impacts.

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