Zero Waste France

  1. Informing and explaining the issues
    The association analyses and explains the challenges of waste management such as overconsumption of resources, pollution, economic and social implications. They also informs citizens and other stakeholders about the solutions and means that can enable them to act on this situation.
  2. Advancing public policy
    ZeroWaste France also calls on the public authorities to advance regulations in the direction of zero waste approach and to make the voice of citizens heard in the development of public policies.
  3. Supporting the actors on the field
    They also advises, trains and creates tools to help local authorities, entrepreneurs and local associations to implement the zero waste approach.

Why I started this project? Because I also do zero waste!

To be honest, I don’t do 100% zero waste. I still have some waste but I always try to reduce it since 3 years ago, when I came here in France.

Observation1: the current identities

Observation 2: The vision and How to do zero waste


The solution

Not hexagon?

As you can see the image below, it is true that sometimes it is said France has a form of hexagon, not pentagon. In that case, this logo might be unreasonable. But if you see the inside part of the arrows, the shape of hexagon will be showed up!

Arrow of transition

Starting the zero waste is a transition. A transition of life style, community, countries, and the world. The arrows in the logo could be used to suggest these transitions.



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Akihiro Takeuchi

Akihiro Takeuchi

Identity designer for people makes positive impacts.